We specialize in Pay-Per-Lead, Pay Per Performance - Quality prospect generation for the financial industry.


We target nationwide producing a high closing ratio quality leads resulting in over 85% returning customers. All of our leads are exclusive and very high quality.
Exclusive Debt Leads
Reliable flow of exclusive debt leads at economical prices
We don't provide you with just exclusive debt leads. We supply you with best quality debt leads which are pre-screened prospects waiting to discuss their options with you.
If you are tired of babysitting your affiliates, loosing time and money on slick salesman pushing bad debt leads, than look no further than Low Cost Solution LLC. We are here to work with you. If you are in search of Exclusive Debt Leads, Real Time Debt Leads or Customized Hot Transfer Debt Leads, with a great return on investment and a reliable partner that cares about your bottom line, than you have come to the right source.
Our Goal is your success, after all ours depends on it. We are not here to make quick buck, but we nurture existing and forge new long term business relationships based on mutual interest, quality debt leads and fairness.
Highest Conversion Rate Exclusive Debt Leads!
Let us show you real success and better ROI with our best quality debt leads.
Fresh Exclusive Quality Debt Lead Example:
First Name
Last Name
: 8408 CASTLE DR
: IN
: 46321
: 219 123 45xx
: crisxxx@yahoo.com
Debt Amount
: 40000-60000
Time to Call
IP Address
: 65.19.xxx.xx
Date Stamp
: 5/21/2014 21:38
Time Stamp
: 21:38
Customized Hot Transfer Debt Leads:
Introducing highest converting quality debt leads available on the market. Our premium hot transfer debt leads are contacted via our call center from fresh specialty targeted lists of potential candidates. Lead is than pre qualified and a follow up appointment is set up. During second call prospect is again qualified. Upon confirmation we contact you and introduce you to the qualified debt lead. Agent thanks your future client and hangs up. You continue the conversation.
Guaranteed Conversion Debt Leads - Guaranteed Clients:
Now we are offering you not just best debt leads but guaranteed clients at the price others sell 20 semi exclusive debt leads. Guaranteed Debt leads are either delivered to your inbox in real time or delivered as batch in the morning, either way you are guaranteed to close deals. Guaranteed Conversion Debt Leads, minimum order 25 clients. This is very limited supply, Act Now. Learn more about guaranteed debt settlement clients program.
Real Time Exclusive Debt Leads:
Delivered to your in box within minutes of generation. Replacements in lieu overage. Highest Quality. First Time Buyer Special . 50 Real Time Exclusive Debt Leads Minimum Order internet generated.
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Fresh Exclusive Debt Leads - 10K minimum:
10K minimum unsecured debt. 24h - 48h fresh, guaranteed valid phone number, great ROI. 50 Fresh Exclusive Debt Leads Minimum Order internet generated! Batched.
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Fresh Exclusive Debt Leads - 20K minimum:
20K minimum unsecured debt. 24h - 48h fresh, guaranteed 100% contact rate and valid debt leads, great ROI. Fresh Exclusive Debt Leads Minimum Order internet generated.
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Exclusive Phone Verified Debt Leads:
Exclusive Phone Verified Debt Leads are generated in our in-house call center. These Quality Debt leads are one of the best debt leads available on the market. Each record includes First Name, Last Name, Email Address, , State, Phone Number and Minimum $10,000 Unsecured Debt. Delivered minutes after generation.
100% Contact Rate.
Test Exclusive Phone Verified Debt Leads.
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Aged Quality Debt Leads:
Quality Aged Debt Leads are 30-90 days old. (never oversold) 200 Minimum Order for aged leads. Great for Training new staff!
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Vintage Debt Leads:
Hundreds of thousands vintage debt leads since 2003. Great for call centers, direct mail or training new staff.
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Increase sales with exclusive debt leads
Quality Debt Leads
We can quickly deploy professionals who will provide the needed expertise to design, execute and support the necessary campaigns to generate best exclusive debt leads.
Quality Lead Generation
Credit Repair Leads, Exclusive Debt Leads
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Exclusive to You - Guaranteed!
Fresh / Real Time- Guaranteed!
Minimum 10k unsecured debt
Available Nationwide
Indicated they WANT to be called
Guaranteed valid phone number
No Headache Replacements
High Conversions
Reported Conversions as high as 40%
Free State Exclusions
Qualified Debt Leads / NO Incentives
Lowest Price Guarantee!**
All our fresh batch quality exclusive debt leads are 24-48 hours fresh, many times you will be able to respond in less than 24 hours after the borrower requests information. All our Real Time Exclusive Debt Leads are delivered in real time right into your in box.
Win New Customers
Achieve Market Penetration
Generate New Revenue
Steady Flow of Quality Debt Leads
Increase Sales and ROI
Increase Profit
You will come back for more
All Hot Transfer Debt Leads can be customized to your specific requirements, including debt amount, per account debt, state exclusions, ability to pay, source of income, payment delinquency and any other qualifying prerequisite. Hot Transfer Debt Leads will be delivered during hours you request.
Hot Transfer Debt Leads.
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We are committed to the highest quality internet leads available.


We focus on growing your prospect database and generating more sales.
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